Better Bankside

print / social media

Better Bankside is a Business Improvement District focused on driving innovative, economic, environmental, and social action to drive positive change in the Bankside neighbourhood of London.


Better Bankside came to us to build a visual identity for their funding proposal. The target audience for this piece were local business owners who we needed to get on board to ensure crucial funding would be secured for the area.


We started by working closely with key stakeholders to fully understand their core values and the key messages they needed to get across in the proposal. With those as our mast, we built a visual identity for the document itself that needed to be eye-catching, engaging, and modern. The piece itself, a 28 page document resonant of a newspaper, was put together containing articles with a vibrant infographic feel. A strong Call to Action message was included, and our print efforts were dovetailed with a digital presence which gave instructions on how to vote.

Keen to get across the green credentials of Better Bankside, we went above and beyond to ensure what we delivered was eco-friendly. They were locally produced and printed and the leaflets themselves were delivered by electric vehicles to ensure the footprint on the environment was minimum.


Better Bankside won the ballot with a resounding 89% of the vote.