Digital / Print

Hunters are an Architectural, Building Consultancy and Employers Agent. By the sheer nature and size of their business, the immediate challenge was to address a content-rich site which had to appeal to all sides of the business. As part of the process, penn portraits and extensive IA research were undertaken to refine the site's in depth structure. Extensive user-testing using interactive and responsive wireframes ensured an optimised structure for the site and so provided a clear navigation via a mega-menu for the end user. The navigation and site itself had to work on all devices. The site had an extensive Search system across all content and was enabled to take a variety of data types. The database and site set-up ensured the ability to accommodate large amounts of data and allow authorised users to use the database for resource or accessing imagery. 

A clean and modern look and feel was then designed to help present the vast portfolio of work and provide a suite of custom designed templates to promote news articles or opinion pieces. Wireframing and user interface design work ensured a simple clean design for a pleasant user experience.