Branding / Digital / Film

Dragon’s Den rejection Guy Jeremiah, creator and owner of Ohyo, approached Chalk to help brand the eco-friendly, re-usable and collapsible water bottle. The aim was to drive retailer take up, promote brand awareness and provide a variety of digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.

Through market research, consumer testing and strategic branding work Chalk developed an identity for the diverse target market and produced, designed and developed an animated movie promoting the eco-friendly aspects of the product. An e-commerce website was created along with branded social media solutions.

Packaging was designed and developed with the aim of being as eco-friendly as possible whilst building brand recognition and attracting buyers with on-shelf visibility. Overall Chalk produced a thorough branded solution from the initial identity through to imagery styles and tone of voice and continues to aid with the brand development of this product .

Ohyo now retails in Marks and Spencers, Boots, Blacks and sells all over the world selling more than 700,000 units.