website / brand update

Dehns are dedicated to providing high quality, creative solutions to their clients’ intellectual property needs.


Dehns wanted a complete brand refresh but wanted to retain their logo. They were looking for a new visual identity alongside a redesigned digital presence to showcase their innovative and modern nature. Dehns identified that their target audience are often high-tech industry leaders and their website needed to reflect this.


First up, we designed a design that blended nature with technology to showcase their core values. We also used a vibrant colour palette that spoke to their business strategy of spotlighting their modernity.

We then focused on the build of the website which we structured to align to their core business areas. We created a suite of portals, each representing a different segment of the company. These each had their own identity and hosted relevant information and clear messaging.

The graphical language used on the site was big and bold alluding to their confidence and approachability. We also bolstered the customer journey to make it as efficient as possible and streamlined the steps for visitors to get in touch.